SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary Exhibition
May 11, 2010

Okay reader, you have until January 16th, 2011 to view my favorite Robert Gober piece, Prison Window, 1992, at SFMOMA.  Unless, of course, they are changing the exhibits over the time of the exhibit, in which case I can’t even guess how long this piece will be up.  The first time I viewed Prison Window I couldn’t leave the room, it captivated me so.  An open window carved high in the wall, three prison bars.  Behind exists the most perfect shade of blue hope with a hint of cloud in the atmosphere…  For your reference I have included a picture of the piece, but a picture is no substitute for the real thing:

Robert Gober's Prison Window, 1992

Other pieces to note are Bruce Connor’s film Three Screen Ray, 2006, the museum’s fabulous photography collection that includes contemporary and historic pieces, and Robert Rauschenberg’s Erased de Koonig, 1953.  Connor’s piece is a three-channel, black and white video projection, set to Ray Charles’ 1959 hit song What’d I Say.  Images of naked ladies dancing, animated electricity and much more.

Bruce Connor's Three Screen Ray, 2006

In celebration of the museum’s 75th anniversary, SFMOMA has pulled out all of the stops, or rather all of their pieces, to celebrate the occassion.  The series of exhibitions and events “illustrate the stories of the artists, collectors, cultural visionaries, and community leaders who founded, built, and have animated the museum. A suite of exhibitions highlights the unique strengths of SFMOMA’s collection and moments when the museum broke new ground, expanding the conventional wisdom of what an art museum should present and collect. Related programs and events continue throughout the year.” [SFMOMA]

Join the museum for it’s special 75th Birthday Bash celebration on May 14, 2010.

Robert Rauschenberg's Erased de Kooning, 1953