Almodóvar’s Triumph

Truth be told, I haven’t seen any cinema lately that has really bowled me over, until last week.  First I watched Black Swan, which I thought was quite good…  and then I finally got around to viewing Pedro Almodóvar’s La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In) 2011.  It was fantastic, to say the least.  I know, I am behind on my viewing, and I am a little rusty on reviewing, so bear with me here.  I read reviews on this film when it originally came out in theaters last year, but for some reason I was under the impression that this was a somewhat straight-ish story about a top o’ the line plastic surgeon who is obsessed with making the perfect woman…  if such a plot can be straigh-ish.  I also somehow interpreted reviews that the woman in question was the surgeon’s lover.  I could not have been more off, and at this point I have no interest in backtracking reviews to even understand my misunderstanding.

The Skin I Live In

Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya in La Piel Que Habito, 2011

Starring Antonio Banderas, Elena Anaya, and Almodóvar favorite Marisa Paredes, the story is anything but straight-ish.  And for what reason did I expect it to be by such an imaginative filmmaker?  Probably because Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces) 2009 and Volver 2006, the last two feature length films by the filmmaker, weren’t as crazy or striking as his storylines have been in the past.  Which apparently gave me the impression that he was mellowing out as he aged, as so many  filmmakers do.

I was wrong.  I was so very wrong.  At this point, La Piel Que Habito is, by a huge lead, my favorite film Almodóvar has made to date.  So much so, that the only thing I am going to say about the plot is that, once I came to the revelation of the who, why and how of the patient/doctor relationship, I was itching to rewatch everything that had happened before that point.  I restrained myself, however, watched the film to the end, and then promptly re-watched the entire 120 minutes.  The story was so powerful it has etched itself in my memory and has been following me around since.  Bravo, Pedro, bravo.  Best film of 2011 and of his career, in my humble opinion.

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  1. Oooo….I’m gunna watch it this week now.

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